Here’s a thought for those suffering from ME/CFS or burnout that aren’t only desperate for help but also some understanding and recognition from their doctor.

The problem with the majority of doctors is that their training doesn’t allow them to see the causes of this debilitating condition, and the only thing they know to do is treat the symptoms with prescribed medication, which just exasperates the problem.

The body is exhausted and the symptoms it presents you with are just its way of trying to heal by shutting everything down, to prevent you from doing more damage to your already depleted system.

So feeding the symptoms with something that just increases them or makes them worse is the absolute worse thing to do.

I suffered with bouts of burnout for years before eventually being diagnosed with ME at 36 years old. My body had stopped functioning as well as it used to and I was suffering with many horrible symptoms.

It was like everything was shutting down – my immune system, my digestive system and my brain!

All this led to me feeling depressed with regular mini breakdowns, until one day I had suicidal thoughts. It was the fear of what would happen to my young son if I were not to be around anymore that finally led me to see a doctor.

After doing blood tests, he told me I had an under active thyroid and that this was the whole cause of my symptoms; he sent me away with a prescription for medication to stabilise thyroid, which he said I’d have to take for life.

Now, this didn’t rest easy with me! I hate taking even just pain relief for the rare occasion that I get a headache, and not only that, I had seen the effect of medication on my late husband, who had died from a brain tumour.

He only needed steroids to reduce the inflammation in his brain but ended up taking a cocktail of drugs to counteract the symptoms of those.

Also, my questioning mind, queried the diagnosis.

• Why did I have an under active thyroid?

• What had caused this in a previously healthy person?

• More importantly, what had I done wrong to lead to this?

I got a referral to an Endocrinologist and thankfully he took me off medication, as he knew it wouldn’t treat the root cause of my under active thyroid, which was ME.

So, all those years ago, in 2003, there were doctors who knew what they were talking about and I believe there still are today, hopefully more!

However, as controversial as it maybe, doctors and pharmaceuticals are making a good living out of these types of conditions and hence just increasing the problem.

Interestingly, the people I see who seem to be suffering the worst are those who have been, or are being ‘treated’ by a doctor!

They start with prescribed pain relief, thyroid medication, anti-depressants etc. and finally their symptoms become so bad that they’re hospitalised and pumped full of more medication, ironically to help them ‘survive’.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather ‘thrive’ not just ‘survive’!

So, however hard it may seem, and I know because I’ve been there, don’t risk increasing your suffering, or even becoming bed-bound, or worse, by going to your doctor, find an alternative way to ease your symptoms and ultimately heal your body from this condition, just like I did.

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