Reduce stress with what you eat

Did you know that you can reduce stress with what you eat?

do you struggle to eat healthily?

After years of feeling burnt out, I needed to learn how to reduce stress.

The consultant, who diagnosed me with M.E., said I needed to reduce stress and to eat well. And that I would just need to learn to manage the symptoms.

But I was only 36 years old, and I had a young son who relied on me to get out of bed each day. So, I was damned if I was going to carry on enduring symptoms such as…

do you struggle to eat healthily?



• Feeling like I was constantly running on empty.
• Brain fog that stopped me doing the simplest of tasks
• Zero concentration span, which prevented me watching a film or reading a book
• No energy at the end of the working day to socialise.
• Food intolerances
• Depression etc.




I realised that, if I wanted to recover completely from M.E, I needed to do more than the consultant said! But, in the process, I very soon discovered one thing.

The food I was eating was causing massive stress on my already stressed body.

Just by changing what I ate I was able to reduce the stress I was feeling, considerably.

Good News!

Within 4 years, I had found the winning combination and recovered for good. That was over 12 years ago and I’ve never had a whiff of Burnout, let alone a relapse of M.E.

In fact, I surprise myself all the time with the amount of energy I consistently have, even when life throws its little challenges!

do you struggle to eat healthily?

But how?

There are many lifestyle elements to recovering from Burnout or M.E./CFS for good. Which is why, to help others, I created the ENERGY Stress Relief System, as a result of everything I learned.

But if I were to give one life-changing tip, which helps to reduce stress. As well as, keep energy levels high, it would be to…

Eliminate ALL foods that act as a poison to your body, and replace them with those that are like medicine.

This has to be the single, most powerful, way to reduce unnecessary stress on the body. Which leads to an increase in energy and improves mood faster than anything else I know.

Easier said than done!

I know, I know, I hear you! That’s easier said than done!

I understand the challenges of having to change your eating habits over night.

During the years of being burnt out, and in the lead up to the M.E. diagnosis, I seemed to suffer constantly with

  • stomach cramps,
  • bloating, gas,
  • fluid retention and more

and one day I visited a naturopath to see if I could get to the root of all this discomfort.

After some tests, she gave me a list of all the foods that for some reason I had become intolerant to. It was as if my body was so exhausted, it just couldn't digest certain foods anymore. And to rid myself of these intolerances, I needed to eliminate those foods altogether.

Finding and learning healthy alternatives was a minefield!

I started with all good intentions, feeling relieved that finally I knew what was causing some of my symptoms, but I hardly got through one day before I was craving bread and savoury snacks.

do you struggle to eat healthier?


Not only that, shopping for food, which was exhausting enough for me as it was, became even more tiresome.

Reading all the ingredients on the packages, and trying to find alternatives to the ingredients I'd always used.

It was a minefield!





But I knew that to recover from all the discomfort I was going through, I had to be totally rigid with my diet. So, I found a way to make it much easier to stick to the foods that were better for me.

The secret was to find GOOD, DELICIOUS alternatives to the foods and dishes I loved. So that I didn’t feel hard done by, or like I was missing out.

Over the years, I have done just that. It has taken time, but I finally have enough healthy alternatives to the foods I love to eat. Making it easier to stick to a healthy way of eating WITHOUT feeling like I’m depriving myself!

do you struggle to eat healthily?

Results were amazing!

I was blown away by the almost immediate increase in my energy levels. As well as the improvement to my normally low mood.

It took just 3 days of eliminating the foods that were acting like a poison to my body, to start to feel amazing. And symptoms such as:

  • stomach cramps,
  • bloating,
  • gas, and
  • fluid retention

began to disappear.

I even began to lose the stubborn pounds I had been holding onto for sometime!

Feeling like this, after just 3 days, made it so much easier to carry on with my new eating habits.

I'd actually found delicious, healthy alternatives to my favourite foods, that I WANTED to eat.

And the best bit is, after avoiding those trigger foods for a couple of years, I no longer have those intolerances. I can now eat all foods with no obvious side effects.

But since finding alternatives to the foods that could potentially act as a poison to my body, I no longer crave them. Therefore, I never eat them to excess, which could eventually lead to the return of certain symptoms.

And yes, if I do ever eat certain foods to excess, like bread, cakes and savoury snacks, I start to notice the negative effects on my energy and mood. But I see this as a little nudge from body, telling me to stop what I’m doing, and get back to the healthier choices. Then, within a day or two, I’m back on track, feeling great again!

I've done some of the work for you!

To save you the time it took me to find the healthy alternatives, I’ve put together a 41 page EBook. This EBook won't just give you relief from the confusion and overwhelm that can arise from changing your daily eating habits, you also get:

• Basic ‘template’ recipes that can be adapted for a number of easy, quick, healthy meals.
• Ideas for delicious snacks that will act like a medicine to your body, rather than a poison.
• Go-to healthy alternatives, which can be made in an instant whenever you’re craving something sweet or savoury.
• A list of useful ingredients for your store cupboard. To ensure you always have the healthy components of a meal to hand whenever you need them.
• The information you need to prevent you spending hours reading food labels in the supermarket aisle.
• 4 steps to making it easy to stick to the healthy habits you need to.

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