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Making A Full Recovery And Claiming a Life Back From Burnout Is Possible...

If you’re reading this right now there’s a good chance that you know my story and the incredible results that have been experienced by followers of the Energy Booster System.

Even though I wasn’t diagnosed with M.E./CFS until I was 36, it plagued my life for years. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t socialise and I couldn’t even go out without the fear of being too tired to make my way back home.

But that was then.

Now I am fully recovered. I have reclaimed my life and can enjoy spending time with my family, socialising and dedicating my new found energy to helping others to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Imagine Living Like A Normal, Healthy Human Being Again With The Energy To Work, Have Fun And Socialise...

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine. Like myself, I suffered for so long that I sometimes believed that this is just how my life is now.

I encourage everybody who attends my coaching sessions and courses to kick their disbelief, disregard what doctors have told them and truly believe that recovery is attainable.

In fact, my mindset was one of the first breakthroughs in my recovery and incidentally, has become the first and one of the most important of the six concepts of my Energy Booster System.

Seeing is believing. Join me for a coaching session.

So Why Do Doctors Say That There Is No Cure?

If you’ve been officially diagnosed with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then you’ve almost certainly heard it before.

“There is no known cure”.

So am I saying that Doctors are wrong? Yes. In this case, I am. And I’ve proved them wrong.

Doctors are essentially scientists. For a solution to be provided it must have a proven scientific result.

If a patient has Y then X drug, treatment or procedure has been documented to fix Y.

The issue with this is that there’s still so much more that we don’t understand about the human body yet.

There’s so many documented solutions for so many problems out there – medicinal, herbal, spiritual.

Yet most doctors can only believe in what they understand on a scientific level.

Doctors rarely prescribe acupuncture, hypnotherapy or Reiki, yet how many times have they been proven to solve health problems of all kinds?


This Isn’t A Pill Or A Diet Plan. Energy Booster System Is Different...

What I’m saying is that the Energy Booster System is a foundation of six core concepts, each proven to be powerful in relaxing, healing, nurturing and growing our bodies and minds.

These are six core concepts. These concepts have been trialled and tested on myself and others.

The result is that we now have a system of core health concepts that each work in tandem to nurse the body back to a healthy, functioning state.

This isn’t a diet plan or a regimen of any kind.

My Energy Booster System is a lifestyle, an ethos.

One that I teach people to live by to achieve a happy, healthy and energetic life.


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