My Top 4 Health Supplements

My Top 4 Health Supplements

my top 4 health supplements

for Better Digestion, Higher Energy & Overall Health

I spent many months, not to mention lots of money, after I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS, trying various health supplements, because I didn't want to take the medication prescribed by my doctor.

My digestive system and my immune system seemed to be giving up. My body wasn't working as efficiently as it should, and it needed some help to get back on track.

I wanted to heal my body, not just treat the symptoms, so I started looking for alternatives, in the form of healthy supplements.

I just needed that one magic pill that would give me relief from the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing.

Finally, I found the winning formula!

One thing I discovered was that there was no 'one' magic pill, but I did eventually find a mixture of supplements that had the most positive effect on all the symptoms I was suffering.

I started taking them on a daily basis back then, and still take them to this day, to keep me healthy. I want to share them with you, in the hope that they might give you the same benefits they give me.

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel by Forever Living Products

my top 4 nutritional supplements


This amazing, natural product provides me with a good range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are known to:

  • Support the immune system
  • Improve the digestive system
  • Bring down inflammation in the body, and much more!

This in turn, helps to prevent many of the uncomfortable symptoms I used to experience, such as:

  • Irritating skin conditions
  • Constipation
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Low energy Fatigue

If I took nothing else, I would always continue to take this supplement for the rest of my life, for its amazing natural properties and as a good all round tonic!

All those years ago when I was suffering from M.E., I used to drink the pure Aloe Vera inner leaf gel with nothing added. Now, as I am of a certain age, I drink a version that has added Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, to support my bones and joints.

Aloe Vera itself is said to help the body absorb nutrients more readily and having these other added supplements in liquid form, within the gel, means there's no waste!


Omega-3 (EPA, DHA) & Omega-9

my top 4 health supplements





For years, I've taken a version called Arctic Sea, also by Forever Living Products. I was recently pleased to discover, from my Kinesiologist, that, in her opinion, this is one of the best versions available.







This supplement helps supports brain function, which helps with:

  • poor memory
  • concentration
  • brain fog
  • depression

A deficiency of these oils has also been known to cause:

  • muscle weakness
  • tingling in the arms and legs
  • skin problems
  • behavioural changes, all of which were symptoms that I had with M.E.

It is also thought that Omega 3 can help reduce inflammation in the body.


Bee Pollen

my top 4 nutritional supplements

Although I wasn’t aware of this supplement when I was suffering with the symptoms of M.E., I take it now to boost energy levels.

It is a naturally high source of zinc and vitamin B6, which are both extremely beneficial for depression and PMT.

The Bee Pollen supplement that I take, again from Forever Living Products, contains:

  • all vitamins of the B-Complex
  • vitamins C, D, E, K and A, and
  • 22 amino acids – including all eight of the ‘essential’ ones that the body cannot manufacture for itself

This makes it a useful supplement to support both the immune system and the digestive system.

Bee Pollen has also been known to have a positive effect on some people who suffer with allergies, but should not be taken by those who suffer a severe allergic reaction to bee stings.

Important Note: When starting this supplement, you should begin by taking just a ¼ of a tablet for about 3 days, then gradually increase, to ensure you don’t have a reaction to it. If your tongue tingles at anytime, you should stop taking it.


Argi +

These days, both my husband and I also take Argi + for its many benefits.

It contains the Nobel Prize winning ingredient L-Arginine, which is an amino acid so potent scientists refer to it as the ‘Miracle Molecule’.

Our bodies convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and open wide for greater blood flow. Greater blood flow is known to help maintain healthy:

  • Blood pressure
  • Overall cardiovascular health
  • Immune function
  • Muscle tissue Bones & tissue
  • Erectile function
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Anti-ageing hormone production, and more

Important to know

When starting to take any nutritional supplements for the first time, remember that it’s not a quick fix, in the way that an over the counter or prescribed medication usually is.

The aim is to supplement your nutrition with the longterm health benefits of vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. that you may not be getting from the food you eat; rather than mask your symptoms with medication that can often cause other negative side effects, and never get to the root cause of a problem or symptom.

Therefore, I always give any new supplement a good 3 months, or so, before deciding whether or not I am getting any benefits from it.

Obviously, any benefits you do get will almost definitely cease if you stop taking the supplement.

Why can’t I just eat foods containing these beneficial ingredients?


Some will say that we should be able to get the nutrition we need from the food we eat. However, it is a well-known fact that, for the most part, the food we eat today is not as nutritious as it used to be, because it often:

  • Travels for miles to get to our shops
  • Is stored for months before we get to buy it
  • Has been covered in pesticides during its life cycle

Of course, if you are lucky enough to be able to grow everything yourself, that maybe a different matter!

Unlike years ago, we are bombarded everyday by pollution, chemicals and other toxic substances, so it makes sense that our bodies could do with a little bit more support to stay healthy.


Where can I get these supplements?

I am grateful to be able to get all my favourite supplements from one place - it wasn't always like that though. I used to have to go to various, online shops, all with different logins to remember!

Life is so much easier now, to be able to order the good quality supplements I need from one place, with only one delivery charge!

You can buy all of the supplements above by following this link:

Buy Forever Living Products

Can't I just buy them from my local health food store?

This is a question I get asked a lot, when recommending these supplements. There are of course other versions of the products that I have referred to here, which are available on the Internet and from High Street stores.

Feel free to do your own research but make sure you do, because there are some not so good versions out there! You need to watch out for supplements containing fillers, bulking agents, gluten, unhealthy additives and preservatives etc. etc.


Beware of Aloe Vera 'juice'

I definitely instil the importance of buying good quality Aloe Vera drinking gel, from a reputable company. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money!

Often, the brands you get from certain high street stores are very inferior, and contain hardly any of the good 'stuff' needed to give you the benefits you're seeking.

I choose Forever Living Aloe Vera drinking gel because it is one of the purest available on the market. Only the inner leaf gel is used, as opposed to the whole leaf. It is this inner leaf gel that naturally contains an abundance of nutrients; the outer rind is what protects this wonderful ‘fruit’ from harm.

Forever Living also use a cold stabilisation process rather than heat, which can destroy the important nutrients. This process has been patented by the company so that no other gel is stabilised in this way.

No artificial preservatives are used and it is bottled within 2 hours of filleting. The International Aloe Science Council gauge the purity of all other gels against Forever Living’s gel.

You can read more about the amazing health benefits of the Aloe Vera plant here

If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to ask me via the Contacts page on this site.

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