Welcome to The ENERGY Stress Relief System!

This system shows you the six areas of your life that need to be addressed, in order to avoid the stress that can lead to burnout.

Within the course, you will discover 6 separate Lessons, which each contain a number of Topics.


  1. Simply begin the course by clicking on the blue text 'Introduction to ESRS' in box number 1. (This first video is more of an overview of what you can expect going forward.)
  2. Once you have viewed that video, move on to the next Lesson.
  3. Within each Lesson, there is an introduction video - watch this before starting the first Topic.
  4. Look out for the blue button at the end of some of the Lessons/Topics, which contains helpful downloads/exercises. Click on this link and you will be able to print these or save them to your computer.
  5. At the end of a Topic, click 'Next Topic', to view the next.
  6. Once you reach the end of a complete Lesson of Topics, you will need to click on 'Back to Lesson' (above the video) to take you back to the Lesson menu. You can then click on 'Next Lesson' (bottom right), to take you to the next Lesson's introduction video and topics.

Useful to note:

It is entirely up to you, whether you want to watch all the videos through first, to just let the information wash over you, and then go back to each Lesson later, to start working on the tasks set. If you do this, there is no need to mark the topic as complete before moving to the next.


You can go through each Lesson and Topic methodically, and do any tasks or exercises set, before marking as complete and moving onto the next stage. Bear in mind though, that most of the exercises are not just one off, they can be used over and over again, to support you on your journey to a more stress-free life.



If you are a Safari user and have trouble viewing any of the videos in the course, please follow the link below for instructions:.

Safari Instructions

If after following these instructions, there is no sound when you click on 'play', click on 'pause' and then click 'play' again.

Also, if your internet is slow, and the video doesn't load, try choosing lower video quality by doing the following:

Click the Settings 'wheel' or 'cog' icon at the bottom of the video and change the quality to either 240p or 360p. The player should remember this for future playbacks until you close your browser.


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