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Tired all the Time?

tired all the time

  Being tired all the time, or ‘TATT’, is now a recognized diagnosis within the medical profession. It’s becoming a very common reason for people to visit their doctor. I spent most of my twenties and thirties feeling tired all the time. It got so bad that in the end I suffered from total burnout.…

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3 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress at Work

Simple Steps to Reduce Stress at Work

3 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress at Work And why you should! Taking simple steps to reduce stress at work, can significantly help prevent the risk of becoming totally burnt out. And being burnt out doesn’t just stop you from going to work. It can put a halt to all the fun stuff in your…

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8 Tips for a Stress Free Life

8 tips for a stress free life

8 Tips for a Stress Free Life And what I learnt from being burnt out As I sit here working, from a cosy ski chalet amongst breathtaking surroundings, I’m grateful for my stress free life. But it didn’t just happen, I had to work at it! I think back to how my life was when…

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Is your deodorant harming you?

is your deodorant harming you?

Deodorant  Most people use it every single day, some use it twice a day! Think about it! Most deodorants are made to prevent you from perspiring, which means they inhibit the natural secretion of toxins. This leads to the clogging of your skin follicles, so that you’re actually unable to sweat as much as your…

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Reduce stress with what you eat

do you struggle to eat healthily?

Did you know that you can reduce stress with what you eat? After years of feeling burnt out, I needed to learn how to reduce stress. The consultant, who diagnosed me with M.E., said I needed to reduce stress and to eat well. And that I would just need to learn to manage the symptoms.…

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Why the Meltdowns?

why the meltdown?

And how to prevent them Meltdowns can happen for any number of reasons. I experienced them often when I was stressed and suffering with burnout. The first step to finding a solution is to discover what’s causing them. I recently read an article, which was so good I felt moved to share it, along with my…

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Healthy Gluten-Free Pancakes

healthy gluten-free pancakes

With these delicious gluten-free pancakes, it is possible to have pancakes, without ruining a healthy eating regime. I love this recipe for gluten-free pancakes. They’re delicious and can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or dessert, without suffering any negative side effects. In fact, they only serve to nourish your body because they’re full of fabulous nutrients. They…

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Have you heard of EFT?

Have you heard of EFT

Have you ever wondered where your energy goes? Well, I can tell you, it goes to whatever you focus on. In other words, ‘energy flows where your attention goes’. Energy can actually be wasted on things such as: the nasty words exchanged in a disagreement with your partner, or your aching back and how tired…

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Christmas Meltdowns and New Year Burnout

Christmas Meltdowns and New Year Burnout

How can we avoid New Year burnout? Christmas and the lead up to it, can often cause us to burn the candle at both ends, with – endless parties, children’s nativity plays, food preparation, shopping for Christmas gifts,  visiting relatives. This causes extra physical and mental stress, when added to the normal workload that most…

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How can Seasonal Cleansing help you?

seasonal cleanses

One of the habits I got into after being diagnosed with M.E., which was not only fundamental to my recovery but has also helped prevent any sort of Burnout since, is juice cleanses. Juicing versus Blending I want to be clear that when I mention ‘juicing’ from now on, I do in fact mean ‘blending’,…

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