Reduce stress with what you eat

do you struggle to eat healthily?

Did you know that you can reduce stress with what you eat? After years of feeling burnt out, I needed to learn how to reduce stress. The consultant, who diagnosed me with M.E., said I needed to reduce stress and to eat well. And that I would just need to learn to manage the symptoms.…

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Why Does Your Doctor Not Understand?

Here’s a thought for those suffering from ME/CFS or burnout that aren’t only desperate for help but also some understanding and recognition from their doctor. The problem with the majority of doctors is that their training doesn’t allow them to see the causes of this debilitating condition, and the only thing they know to do…

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My Book

It’s Not All About ME? – One Woman’s Struggle With Brain Fog & Wading Through Treacle   BUY KINDLE VERSION HERE BUY PAPERBACK HERE Alison felt that her life was perfect. She had an amazing husband, had just stepped back from a stockbroking job in the City of London after 12 fulfilling but tiring years…

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4 Tips For ‘Having A Life’ With ME/CFS & Burnout

Having a Life

    It’s so important to ensure you still have some sort of life whilst on your journey of recovery from ME/CFS or Burnout; otherwise you risk disappearing into a black hole of sleeping all the time and an increase in symptoms. But how do you do this, without making your health deteriorate even more?…

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Baked Salmon Salad

This is a really quick dinner to put together and one that is ok for when I am doing my seasonal cleanse, as it’s low in calories. It also contains only unprocessed foods with no gluten or additives or preservatives, which makes it healthy and ideal for those avoiding gluten. Pre-heat your oven to 320F…

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Is your skincare making you unwell?

is your skincare making you unwell?

  Did you know that the chemicals in your skincare and personal care products can enter the body by: inhalation, ingestion, injection, eye contact and skin contact? Most of us are aware and careful about the first three ways. But are you aware of what you use on your skin or on your eyes everyday?…

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January Blues

I often read about, or hear from sufferers of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia who report that their symptoms are always so much worse in December, January and even into February, and they have various opinions as to why this is. Mostly they put it down to the cold, damp weather and the lack of…

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Social Media ‘Support’ Groups

I feel extremely lucky that, after years of doing stressful work that I really didn’t enjoy, and which was probably instrumental to me being diagnosed with M.E. years ago, I now do work that I actually love getting out of bed for. That’s because I have a passion for it! Can you say that about…

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Just Breathe

Feeling Stressed? Overwhelmed? Rushed off your feet? Then stop for a few minutes and come up for air; just breathe! “But I don’t have time!” I hear you say. Let me tell you, if that’s the case you definitely need to stop and breathe! Why should I stop to breathe? Let me take you back…

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CFS and Me

Alison Smith's eyes

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or M.E., affects different people in different ways but one thing’s for sure it’s a cruel condition with symptoms that don’t present themself to the outside world.  This means others are often unaware of the absolute pain and torment you are going through, making it hard for them to understand, accept and…

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