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How can Seasonal Cleansing help you?

seasonal cleanses

One of the habits I got into after being diagnosed with M.E., which was not only fundamental to my recovery but has also helped prevent any sort of Burnout since, is juice cleanses. Juicing versus Blending I want to be clear that when I mention ‘juicing’ from now on, I do in fact mean ‘blending’,…

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Expressing Gratitude is Life Changing!

Have you watched the popular movie, or read the book, “The Secret”? If you have, you’ll no doubt be aware of the Law of Attraction, and the importance of expressing gratitude. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about, or talk about, will be drawn into your life. Therefore, thinking about what you’re…

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Breakfast Time!

Is your breakfast nourishing your body or poisoning it? If you’re anything like me, I love a bowl of cereal with milk first thing in the morning, but did you know that most shop bought breakfast cereals are the unhealthiest type of breakfast you can eat? Starting your day with a bowl of even the so-called…

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The Risks of Inflammation

What is Inflammation? Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response, which at times is beneficial. For example, if you bang your knee it will swell up to protect and care for the tissues surrounding it. However, sometimes inflammation can carry on longer than it should, causing more harm than good in the long run.…

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Speedy Healthy Curry

This curry is a particular favourite of my son’s and I taught him to cook it before he left home for his life at university. We love it because it’s quick, healthy and versatile. Any meat can be used and it can also be adapted for vegetarians by replacing the meat with Quorn or Tofu.…

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Quick Gluten-Free Noodles

  This is about as healthy as convenience food gets! These Zero Noodles (Original) 200g-  are a must have in your food cupboard. The description on the pack says: ‘Zero Noodles are not just low in calories, they are made from a plant root, which is high in fibre, has been known to help maintain…

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Health Retreats

As I prepare for my trip to the Amchara Health Retreat on the island of Gozo just off Malta, I’m reminded of the journey I began, way back in 2003, when I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS, after suffering from burnout for many years. The first thing that came to mind, after the diagnosis, was that…

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From Years of Burnout To Energised All The Time!

From Burnout

From about the age of 22 I suffered with regular bouts of burnout, so bad that on occasions I was signed off from my stockbroking job in the City of London for weeks at a time. One of the terms bandied about at that time for the way I was feeling was ‘Yuppie Flu’, and…

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The Benefits of Juicing

Energy Booster System

One of the most challenging but also the most beneficial changes I made on my journey to recovery from ME/CFS was that of my diet. I had enough knowledge to understand that you are what you eat and I was brought up to be a reasonably healthy eater but I didn’t truly appreciate the effects…

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