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My Reason & ME

My Reason & ME is a tale of individual pain, courage and determination, as well as an inspirational story of transformation and the ability to adapt to change.

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The book gives me hope that somebody in such dark places can actually find the solutions, the way out and the strength to carry on – Will Grover

What Is My Reason & Me?

My Reason & ME is a book that chronicles my journey, the lead up to my diagnosis, the struggle with brain fog and wading through treacle to manage my symptoms, and the determination to seek a cure despite having been told there was no cure by the medical profession.

My Reason & ME guides you through the journey I took to recovery, this book could even be your CURE.

I am proof that it is possible to not only be well again but to live an even more fulfilling, happy life than before.

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A gripping page turner

An Amazing Story

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Fantastic book

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Wonderful true story

Alison Shows That It Can Be Done

If you’re lucky enough to buy this book or be given this book, read it. It’s full of inspiration, it’s full of intrigue.

Leigh-Anne Eason

From the challenge of being given a medical diagnosis where it was up to her to find the cure, Alison shows that it can be done.

Lihini Gunawardana

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