About Me

Alison T Smith

I know first-hand the danger of ongoing, unchecked stress.

It all started when I was 29 years old.

My husband and father of our 16-month-old son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. I gave him 24-hour care for 11 months, up until the day he passed away at home.

In the years that followed, my health deteriorated to a stage that I found it difficult to get out of bed each day.

Later, I was diagnosed with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and this illness took over my life.

There was no cure, no medical solution and no solid advice from any medical professionals for me to follow.

To put it plainly, there was NO LIGHT at the end of MY TUNNEL.

I could barely even get out of bed. I couldn’t work and the smallest of tasks became mammoth ones that I didn’t have the energy or confidence to face.

About Alison T Smith

After being told there was no cure, I refused to accept that I would live with this debilitating condition for the rest of my life and set about finding a way to recover.

I knew it was the years of  living a stressful life that had taken its toll on my health and I realised that it was entirely up to me to put things right. So I took massive action and recovered fully within four years.

Just by changing 6 different areas of my lifestyle, I was able to recover from an illness that came about simply because of ongoing, unchecked stress. Not only that, but my energy levels and my state of mind became stronger than they had ever been.

It was with that in mind that I created the ENERGY Stress Relief System so that I could share all the knowledge I gained throughout my recovery with others, helping them to go from burnout to being full of vitality in a shorter time than it took me.


I understand that no single approach is the right one for everyone. I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have trained in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Reiki and learnt much in my search for wellness!